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HDMI to RCA converter

What is a HDMI to RCA converter?

hdmi to rca converterWe all have a wide variety of devices in our homes. Some are old, while some are modern and up to date. We may encounter some incompatibility with theses devices, but there are connectors and converters that will solve our problems. One handy and reliable connector that we should have is a HDMI to RCA converter.

A HDMI to RCA converter is typically a small box that connects HDMI compatible devices to RCA devices. The box can have a power button and a light indicator. The back part of the box has RCA and HDMI connectors and a socket for AC power adapter. The price of these converters is around $50, which is a cheaper alternative than upgrading your tv.

This image shows the process of connecting a HDMI device to a HDMI to RCA converter then to a device without HDMI ports:

hdmi to rca converter

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What is RCA?

RCA is used commonly in older televisions. Its name was obtained from the Radio Corporation of America which developed this connecter in 1940. The RCA connector carries audio and video signals separately using three wires. The wires with yellow plug carry the composite video signal, while the other two are for stereo audio signals. These connectors are now being phased out because of the sudden rise of HDMI connectors.


HDMI or the high definition multimedia interface is a combination of audio and digital video signals into one cable. The appearance is similar to USB connectors but it has more number of pins. Manufacturers are releasing televisions, set top boxes, DVD and Bluray disc players, and game consoles with HDMI settings. That’s why the RCA set up is slowly disappearing today.


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